New Buyers

New Buyers

Tamarac Lakes South requires an application and interview before any new residents buy or rent in the community

We are ONLY accepting applications for the purchase of a home at this time.

We are NOT accepting any applications for a rental as we are at the CAP on the number of rental units available per our By-Laws.

New Home owners:
Please download the application below and follow the directions on page 1 
if problems downloading please email us at: tlsmaintenanc@yahoo.com  
Rental applications are only available by request at our email address: 
tlsmaintenance@yahoo.com   At this time no new rentals are being approved due to a CaP restriction per our By-Laws. 

Application and all required information should be submitted to Tamarac Lakes South, INC. 2800 West Commercial Blvd. Tamarac Fl 33309 or drop in clubhouse mailbox

Please allow ten (10) business days for processing

Aug 14, 2018